The lighest 4G pet collar, only 19g. Small but powerful

How it works?



3 colors for your choice


  • 4G LTE-M/NB

    Most advanced 4G IOT technologies.

    GPS Tracking

    No distance limit for outdoors tracking.

    IP67 Waterproof

    Samely reliable in the environment of high wetness.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Overview of how active your pet has been.

    Location History

    Review the entire travel in a single map.

    Light and tiny

    Small and light weight, only 19 grams

  • KatchU APP

    Just travel with confidence and KatchU.

    Live Tracking

    Real-time tracking when it’s time to search for your pet.

    Geo Fence Alert

    Set your safe bases with virtual fences in the map

  • Charging base

    Build-in Bluetooth Beacon and matched charging base

    WiFi & Beacon

    It detects your home WiFi and beacon when your cats come in from their travels or left home

    No Motion Alert

    No motion for a long time is perhaps abnormal. Get notificated and check!

Cat-Friendly Design

Smaller than the “smallest” and the weight just 19 grams. The tracker was made with cats in mind. It’s small and lightweight enough for your cat’s comfort.

Cat-Friendly Design
  • Connect with KatchU APP for Live Tracking

    Mobile app available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Get real-time alerts about your pet’s location no matter where they are or how far they are.

    It updates location every 10 seconds (outdoors) when you turn on “live tracking”. It also updates the location indoor and outside from time to time to give you peace of mind.

  • Connect with KatchU APP for Live Tracking
  • Is your cat get enough active time?

    Even with outdoor cats, it’s hard to keep an eye on how much your buddy’s been moving about.

    See how much time your cat has spent on their paws for the day.

    Look at the routes they took and discover their roaming territory.

  • Is your cat get enough active time?
  • Timeline

    Check behind them without needing to follow close behind.

    With Timeline, you see a whole day of consecutive location history, showing start and finish, including details on safe areas and when left home.

  • Timeline


  • 1

    Small and light

    Easy and comfortable, no burden for a cat

  • 2

    Pretty and colourful

    The tracker that cats are proud to wear

  • 3

    Universal design

    Ideal for any type of animal, especially for cat

  • 4

    IOT solution

    Powerful technology, effective and energy-saving

  • 5

    Build-in Bluetooth

    A master in the management of battery consumption

Applicable pet type
  • Cat

  • Puppy