Looking for a product to ensure safety of loved ones ? We offer products like fall detector, no motion alarm, single button SOS alarm and many more for the safety of elderly, students, employees, patients and handicapped people.



Want to locate your furry friends wherever they are ? We have the perfect solution for you using the latest technologies in GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LBS positioning. With the KatchU APP you can take care of every member of the family.


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    • Smart locator

      The Smart Locator APP allows you to manage multiples devices at one place. Using Smart Locator you can track devices in real time on Google Maps as well as check historical data to see travel history.

    • KatchU

      Easy to manage a large number of users and trackers, and to track individuals in a real-time way on Google map. Check the status and data of all the trackers on a single dashboard. Remote command and FOTA is supported