Who We Are?


Shenzhen Eview GPS Technology is a leading provider of personal alarms and pet trackers in Shenzhen, China. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have become a market leader in over 30 countries worldwide. We offer a wide range of innovative alarms and pet trackers that can be used indoor and outdoor. We provide holistic end-to-end solution from design, development, manufacturing, purpose-built hardware, intuitive software applications, easy-to-use mobile apps, consulting services and R&D services. “Protect & Connect” is our mission and our goal is to keep older people and pets safe, independent and living fuller lives in their own homes for longer.

  • email E-mail:

    Telephone Tel: +86 755 23772735

  • locale Address: 29th Floor,Changjiang Center, Renmin Road, Longhua, Shenzhen.



  • 2009


    Eview launched Car tracker as it’s first product
  • 2011


    launched EV-606 as it’s first personal tracker
  • 2015


    launched it’s first pet tracker
  • 2017


    EV-07S was leading the markets in Europe
  • 2018


    launched it’s first 4G product
  • 2019


    launched series EV-07B which had lot more new features
  • 2020


    launched it’s first smart watch EV-05 which became an instant hit
  • 2021


    continues to invest in Research & Development
Our Team
  • Eview Family

    Join US !

    With an energetic and casual work environment, Eview is the perfect fit for the highly motivated, hardworking, innovative, team-oriented, and entrepreneurial-minded individual.

  • Software Team

    Software Developers

    Our team is made up of talented passionate dedicated Software Developers who expertise in different software skills and make sure that we develop quality products。

  • Sales Team

    Sales & Marketing

    Our team is made up of friendly, skilled aficionados, passionate sales and marketing personel who make sure that our products reach the masses and that we always meet client expectations

  • Hardware Team

    Hardware Developers

    Our team is made up of crazy smart technologists, couple of humorous and very creative Hardware Developers who with their brilliant and creative ideas always make sure that we never forget how lucky we are to be part of making a big difference in people’s lives

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