4G SOS Smartwatch With Fall Detection, SOS personal alarm, GPS location. For Senior, Patient, Loneworker.


How it works?


Watch Interface



  • 4G Connectivity

    Support various 4G bands, it will fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage.

    Heart Rate Detection

    It measures wearer’s heart rate and sends notifications to caregivers if abnormal values are detected.

    SOS Alarm

    One button to activate SOS alarm, easy and simple

  • Voice Prompts

    Smart speaking of alarms and important messages. More reliability

    Fall Alarm

    Highly sensible fall detector allows a 70+% accuracy in the reports of danger

    No Motion Alarm

    No motion for a long time is perhaps abnormal. Get notificated and check!

  • Step Counter

    Tracks daily movement to encourage health and vitality

    Speaker & Microphone

    Excellent voice quality with adjustable speaker and microphone

    Live Tracking

    Automatic GPS/WiFi/ Beacon/LBS location updates every 10 seconds upon SOS button activation.

  • Two-way Calling

    Calling by SOS or Call 1 button, and receiving calls from anyone or from authorized ones


    Waterproof IP67

    Medication Reminder

    Having a reminder about when to takes specific medications. It may also help prevent serious negative health effects

Emergency Call

Press the button or tap on the screen for 3 seconds to call the emergency contacts. Up to 10 numbers can be preset into the device

Emergency Call
  • Medical Alert Monitoring Center
  • Medical Alert Monitoring Center

    When the Senior Smart Watch is activated, it automatically and instantaneously contacts Medical Alert Monitoring centers.

    They have a team of trained emergency response professionals who are ready to answer when you push the help button and are available 24 hours a day.

    They stay on the line until help arrives, monitoring the situation, letting you know you are not alone.

    The Safety Watch communication protocol can be integrated to most of monitor centers system.

  • Self-Monitor


    This Medical Smart Watch System may be the right solution for those who want the protection of a personal help button, but who are reluctant to sign up for a monitored medical alert service.

    The Watch Medical Alert System can dial one or more custom phone numbers such as a neighbor, caregiver or family members. Up to 10 emergency contact numbers can be programmed into the device.

    The EV-05, as a stand-alone mobile personal alarm is best suited for clients that:

    • Are still active
    • Don’t yet require higher levels of care
    • May frequently be around friends and family
    • Have access to, and are comfortable using a mobile phone
  • Self-Monitor
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    RPM gives patients access to care altering technology that collects and transmits real-time data to their provider, resulting in lower costs, increased interaction, and improved patient outcomes.

    The EV-05 is able to pair with industry-leading medical devices that has Bluetooth function. No set up or app download required.

    The most common HEALTH RPM KITS are:

    • CHF
    • COPD
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Heart Disease
    • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Remote Patient Monitoring


  • 1

    Watch Medical Alert

    Bracelet design, makes safety be with you always

  • 2

    MTK & Android

    Classic system in smart watch that allows more applications to be developed

  • 3

    AMOLED screen

    The highest quality ensures the smoothiest navigation experiences

  • 4

    Unique lock

    Specially-designed watch lock that avoids the persons to take it off

  • 5

    Customizable strap

    Replaceable general 22mm watch strap

For people
  • Eldery

  • Patients

  • Lone Worker